The Crystal Way Redesign: A Case Study


First things first, let's see what users have to say about the existing website.

Who are we designing for?

What do other metaphysical stores look like online?

I can think of crystals in shapes, can you?

The Crystal Map

Mid fidelity Usability Tests

Mood Board

  • My goal for Crystal Way is to show that photography is a crucial part of a brand's identity. There aren't just crystals in the mood board, but all things adjacent to show customers like Olly what crystals can do for you and what they look good within your home.
  • I made sure to include images with good composition and high quality as an example of how photography can change a whole website's feel.
  • I chose fonts that were close to the original website's design as a way to honor the original website. The combination of a serif and sans-serif also resembles the crystal's timeless beauty, knowing crystals are not going out of style any time soon.

High Fidelity Prototype!

Next Steps

  • Now that my high fidelity prototype is finished, I plan on testing more users to see how I can take this project even further. I am always looking for more ways to simplify the experience of the user and hearing what they have to say is the first step.
  • Crystal Way also sells candles, incense, and more, so finding a way to categorize those into the store's website will be another step moving forward.

Things I learned

  • Card sorting was an activity that I had never done before and was a bit intimidated by. I was having a hard time setting it up and had to remake each card a number of times, but we all have to start from somewhere, right? I learned that new programs are normal in the UX field and that keeping up with the latest ones is part of being the best designer you can be. Being comfortable with not knowing a program and having the drive to learn and move forward is something I’m growing confident in with every project.
  • I learned that I love UI design. I was always interested in making beautiful things, but the hours washed away when working on Figma and designing these screens. The moment I knew it, I was presenting it in front of a group of peers. I learned that the excitement with what I come up with next is another reason why UX design is so fun to me.



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